Industrial Adhesives - Halltech Inc.

Industrial Adhesives

Envelope Adhesives

Halltech Inc. provides specialized adhesives for the Envelope industry and for the Direct Mail Market. Working together with machinery manufacturers, and producers of paper, films and inks allows us to formulate product that will machine cleanly and consistently even at the highest manufacturing speeds. In this way, we achieve reliable performance with a variety of paper stocks, and our production standards ensure a high quality, attractive finished product.

Packaging Adhesives

Halltech Inc. Packaging Adhesives are used for case and carton sealing, and are designed to perform in a wide range of climate conditions and stresses. They provide superior bond strength as well as excellent heat resistance for high temperature applications and cold resistance for deep-freeze applications.

Paper Converting & Bag Laminating Adhesives

Halltech Inc. offers a broad range of adhesives for paper and carton laminates. Our products exceed expectations in the following areas: high setting speed, good lay-flat ability, long open time, low splashing, easy cleaning, constant viscosity and waterproofing.

Wood and Construction Adhesives

Halltech Inc. Wood Glue has a superior formula that is especially designed for building construction, furniture and cabinetry industries. Our unique wood bonding adhesives are compatible with a wide range of woods and other substrates.